H1N1 Hogwash

I haven’t blogged in a while but this “swine” flu nonsense has pushed me to write something.

We hear in the news that H1N1 is a nasty pandemic influenza, which I do not doubt, and they try to liken  it to the 1918 Spanish flu in terms of possible morality rates.  Here are some thing to consider however:

1)  This is 2009, not 1918.  They are comparing apples and oranges!  They still practiced bloodletting (to a small degree) in the early 1900’s to cure ailments like the flu for cryin’ out loud!  Proper hygiene was NOT the norm…soap wasn’t even the norm for that matter.  Most people didn’t even have hot/cold running water in their homes, much less bathe on a daily basis.  They weren’t entirely aware of how things spread.  The medical community had some, emphasis on the word SOME knowledge but nothing like today.  I mean some people  in the U.S. still had dirt floors for Pete’s sake!  So the comparison is disingenuous at best.

2)  The media, CDC, WHO, and medical community love to bring up the “nearly 40 million deaths” as a result of the 1918 Spanish flu.  That’s a huge number.  What they don’t tell you is that out of the U.S. population of approximately 106,000,000 roughly 490,000 died from the flu.  Again 490,000 is a very large number, but think of it in these terms, it was less than 5% of the entire 1918 U.S. population that perished.  When you put it that way it’s not so scary is it.  I make no light of even one person’s death, but I cannot abide the misuse of statistics.

3)  The CDC and others in the medical field wave the “its hitting the young and healthy” banner, but just because you are young and you have no underlying medical or autoimmune issues does not make one “healthy”.  Young people do not tend to eat foods that are high in vitamins and minerals that could bolster the immune system.  They tend to eat, oh say burgers and fries, pizza, bags of chips, you get my point.  Not any of those foods constitute healthy.  Let me reiterate… young ≠ “healthy”.  With 5% of U.S. children (25% in some urban areas) having hypertension and childhood obesity at appalling levels, this nation’s young are far from healthy.  We should not only harp on the hygiene issue, but the diet issue as well.  Most of us including the young are sorely deficient in many vitamins and minerals due to our diets and lifestyles.

So here’s my beef;  I started getting pamphlets in the mail from the CDC about 10 months before all this hit, about the next pandemic.  It was as though they couldn’t wait for it to get here.   Now we have one and they use deceptive reporting and stats to make you think it’s worse than it is.  Think I’m wrong?  Where are the “flu maps” that report the current number of active cases?  Google current or active H1N1 cases and you’ll just get sites that give you running tallies of cases since March 2009 with exceptions being the Northern Kentucky University’s site and the WHO that give you a tally of cases since school started in Aug 2009.   You have to seriously dig to find out what the current  active case count is.  I was able to locate a tally from the previous 2 weeks from my state’s DOH web site, but even then it’s not very definitive.  It lumps everything that is flu-like along with the flu and it makes no distinction with regards to H1N1 cases.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist but this whole thing has me wondering if the theorists are wrong.

I will never tell anyone to not get vaccinated for this illness, but I will heavily caution them.  If you lay awake at night scared to death about whether or not you are going to get the swine flu and die from it, by all means get vaccinated.  I personally choose to investigate, look at the facts or the lack of them and go from there.  I am a huge advocate of natural prevention as opposed to medical concoctions that the labs cook up.  Man made medication has its place but only in certain instances.  Be responsible for your own health, eat better, take multivitamins and supplements.  In todays fast paced, “I can’t be bothered with it” and “let someone else do the research for me because I haven’t got the time” age we live in, I think it’s time for us to stop being “sheeple” and blindly going along with herd.  You simply cannot trust everything that you see or hear on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, or Fox as they are simply parroting reports they’ve received.  Don’t accept everything that the news tries to spoon feed you.  Research things for yourself.  Do a little digging, you just might learn something.


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The Insanity of it All

Okay, since when did taking your clothes off make your opinion more valid?  Some bimbo, Kim Zolciak (?) from one of Bravo channel’s many “housewives” shows, apparently thinks so.  I guess when your argument won’t hold water or you lack any real talent you have to resort to removing items of clothing to make people pay attention, as if nudity give you more credibility????? (Sadly, I admit it will for some.)

Oh, now I get it…she’s also got some sort of lame CD coming out right around the same time the ad she’s done for NOH8 comes out.  Coincidence?  Me thinks not.  Shame, you’ve got to use a controversial issue to promote yourself.  Again apparently talent is lacking sooooo she has to let her boobs do most of the work.

Makes you think though, I wonder if some of the more “famous” people of the world actually believe in the causes they promote or are they just trying to keep themselves before the public.

Oh well, to quote Don Williams Jr, “Fame and riches are fleeting.  Stupidity is eternal.”  How right he is!

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You’d Better Start Looking for New Jobs!

As I understand it, Pharma companies, unions, the AMA, and a few others have banded together to line the pockets of congress to get the new health care takeover bill passed.

I have a message for the members of the house…Pass this thing and you’d better make sure the lobbyists made it worth your while because you WILL be looking for a new job come election time!  Conservatives (and I use the term loosely), you had the house for 8 years and chose to do nothing…it’s time to step up!  Libs, you’d better listen to the people…they are your boss man and from the looks of it, they don’t care for your job preformance thus far.

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Just Say NO!

I urge everyone to call your congressional representative and tell them what you think about the new health care bill that is to be voted on soon.  If you are against this plan (as I am and not because it’s Obama’s plan but because it’s just beyond bad), remind the people in Washington who they work for!  They work for you, or at least they are supposed to, and I think they need their memories jogged.  I have already contacted my reps, but I can’t do this on my own, nor do I think that I am, however EVERYONE who has second thoughts needs to let the folks voting on this thing that we need to explore other avenues to improve health care.  There are other ideas out there and good ones at that.

Complacency and misguided trust that the people in power would take care of us is what has gotten us in this mess in the first place.  Like the Progressive Insurance Co commercial says “Power to the People!”, not the overgrown government.

Side Note:

If you are for the bill, don’t get in an uproar because I hold an opposing view…it’s called tolerance, folks.  Let’s try to practice what we preach, hmm?


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Today is a New Day

No more negativity and pessimism!  I’m going to put on my rose colored glasses and start lookin’ around.  God has given me way too much to constantly be looking on the gloomier side of life.  Thank you Lord!

Now mind you I’ll have my days, and I can’t promise that I’ll never point out life’s inconsistencies and have a rant or two, but yep, gunna start being a cheerier person.  I’ve got it in me, and like the Good Book says, “I can do all thing through Christ which strengthens me.”  Pretty sure I’ll need that reminder on a frequent basis.

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Music news

After a super long hiatus from the world of music, unless children’s music counts, I have started to get my proverbial groove back.  It’s interesting, I have quite a few current bands that I have a affinity for, but I find myself drawn to bands that have since gone belly up.  What’s up with that?  Anyhoo, here’s a band I really wish were back together; Denison Marrs.  You just can’t get more cool than that, unless you ask my nearly 3 year old son…he likes Anberlin and MxPx, who knew.

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Sometimes I Wonder, Do Doctor’s Really Know More?

My husband says that I tend towards the negative when I blog, and after having read over a few he just might be right, but this one’s legit.

Here’s the deal.  Roughly a year or so ago my son, who was aprroximately 1  1/2 at the time was having a time with wheezing, it began in October and was pretty much an every three week event  until May.  It always started with a cold, however there where about 2 colds and the round of the flu that did not produce wheezing.  I was using a humidifier in his rum every night, and when I say every night, I mean every night.  After finally testing him for RSV in mid April, the pediatrician couldn’t figure it out, called it “Reactive Airway” and referred me to an allergist.

Upon going to the allergist office, I gave the Dr the lowdown and told him that I suspected mold to be the culprit, due to the humidifier and finding some dark spots in the carpet when I vacuumed several days prior to the visit.  The Dr didn’t even use the stethoscope to listen to my son, ordered scratch tests and diagnosed him with asthma, not having even gotten the scratch test underway.  He totally dismissed everything I said, if he even ever heard what I said.  Now here’s the part I don’t get.

The nurse and an “allergy tech” come in and pin my son down and administer the scratch test, check on us about 10-15 minutes later, and  about 10 minutes after that yet another nurse who is no older than 21 comes and reads the test from my son’s back.  Now to my untrained eye, his back shows no allergic reactions to anything but the histamine control that’s meant to whelp up, so I’m thinking he’s good-not allergic to anything, except histamines (not that he’s really allergic to histamines).

The young nurse, and I do not begrudge her age mind you, slathers a cream on my son’s pin-pricked back and then leaves.  The Dr re-emerges after not having seen or heard from him in about an hour and doesn’t even look at my son’s back to see if the nurses finding are indeed correct, and proceeds to go over the nurses print-out of everything that my son is allergic to, which according to them, was everything.

After going over everything and prescribing inhaled steroids and bronchiodialators and antihistamines and scaring me half to death, it dawns on me, he never listened to my son or even looked at his back after the test was performed.  When my son was feeling well we would go outside and play and I never got so much as a sneeze or cough or wheeze out of the boy.  The food they said he was allergic to he ate all the time and again no wheezing or irritability of any kind.  My down comforter filled with the feathers that he was supposed to be extremely allergic to again brought absolutely no reaction and still does not to this day.

On the drive home I became very angry and decided that I was going to give my theory about the mold a try, so I stopped at Wal-Mart and got an air purifier, and air filters and proceeded home.  I scrubbed the walls with a bleach water solution and cleaned the carpet in like manner and the child has not wheezed once since.  I did not have to use any of the medication he prescribed and if he gets a cold or virus that required some humidity to help break every thing up and keep it flowing, I just give him a long hot bath before he goes to bed and if he wakes up I run the shower for about 5 minutes and sit in  the bathroom with him.

So here are my questions.  When did nurses begin diagnosing patients?  Why don’t Dr’s listen?  Finally, why don’t the check out the nurses findings?  For the most part I believe Dr’s know what they are doing, but they tend to not listen to the parents, because in their infinite wisdom they truly know best.  I do not care that the Dr may have seen what I’m describing 50 times that day, they haven’t seen it with my child or myself and we are not like everybody else.

Having children truly brings life the saying “Mother knows best…” because quite often she really does.

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